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  • Finding a Beginners Surfboard

    19 November 2012

    So many people make the mistake of getting the wrong kind of surfboard when they are first taking to the waves. This is a big problem and often it can put you off surfing for life, which is very sad. One should always shop around and seek expert advice. Be careful when it comes to any sort of advice because there are people who are just out to make commission from their boards and will sell you something that is way too small for you.

    You want something that is going to big enough to move around on. Small boards may look attractive, but you will struggle to catch a wave on one of these if you are inexperienced. Once you have been surfing for a couple of months you can sell your longboard or minimal and head off to the surf shop in search for a smaller board.

    Not many people enjoy carrying a longboard all the way down to the beach. However, you will soon learn a couple of tricks, without having to stop and start every two minutes. Sometimes carrying the board on your head can be a lot easier. A lot of beginners find this tiresome to paddle  because of the weight of the board, but on the other hand, you will build up some strength, which you will need later on down the line.

    There are certain companies that specialize in shaping boards just for beginners. These are the boards that you should be looking out for. New Surf Project is one of the major companies that stocks a variety of boards for those who are learning to surf. You don't have to have the longest board there is. A minimal is half way between a short board and a longboard and is easier to manage when you are paddling out for that perfect wave. You will also find that you will be able to learn to duck dive and find your way over waves with greater ease.

    A lot of surf schools now stock NSP surfboards because they are easy to learn on. Besides being very effective, the shapers also put a lot of effort into the design, coming out with great colors to please those who are new to the sport. Just like an athlete has to have a good looking pair of track shoes, so a surfer has to have an attractive board. Surfers in the line up will notice things like this.

    A lot of surfers become used to one particular type of board. You get to know the feel for it so many surfers who start off with the NSP minimal, will progress onto the fun board or a fish, depending on the type of waves that you are surfing most of the time. They are also known to be one of the top manufacturers for some great short boards. Girls love the pink designs that this company has come up with. You will find that they are priced reasonably so you don't have to break the bank.

    Keep in mind, that a good board is definitely going to help, but you also have to have the right mind set. Too many surfers give up because of pure frustration. Take it easy and have fun – the rest will come later!

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